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Home phone line installations: For new or existing homes, by the time your home reaches "lock-up" stage, you should have your external connection in place to ensure any unnecessary fees are avoided by installing the phone line before any concrete has been installed.

Trenching: For the installation of new telephone services to a new building under construction, it's necessary to dig a trench for the lead-in cabling. Once a trench is dug, our technician will proceed to lay the lead-in cable and pipe from the street to the boundary point. The trench is then backfilled.

Note: Under Telecommunication provider policies, whenever practical, underground rather than aerial lead-in cables are required. Being an accredited Telstra contractor, our skilled technicians will establish which method is most suitable at your site.

Boring: Is only used in circumstances when trenching is not practical, for example, under a road, driveway or footpath.